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Custom Tempered Glass Solutions

Choose tempered glass and toughened glass for optimal strength and security.

Tempered glass or “toughened glass”, is a type of glass that goes through a thermal treatment making it five times more resistant then its regular glass counterpart. When it is a matter of optimal security and strength, tempered or toughened glass is the most commonly selected option on the market all the while remaining an affordable option.

In addition to offering superior resistance to shock, tempered glass will not explode into many small fragmented and shattered pieces if it breaks. Rather, when broken it will fragment into small less dangerous pieces, which eliminates all of the risk involved in using regular glass.

There is a wide range of applications it can be used for as well. Some of the more common applications tempered glass is used in are to make glass railings, swimming pool fences, doors, windows, tabletops and shower units. The tempering process the glass goes though renders the glass resistant to heat making the glass an ideal firewall option in fireplaces.

Glass tempering technique explained

Our expertise in custom tempered glass

At FavorLab Glass, we offer our clients custom options for a wide range of usages, including, but not limited to: fences, shower units, custom aquariums, and backyard furniture. In order to work with the glass we use high precision computer assisted glazing equipment that allow us to cut and shape almost any form of glass at any size on-site. Do to our in-house manufacturing glass tempering we are able to offer our clients quick and affordable service for all your tempered needs.

All tempered glass we build and sell abides by the highest standards of our industry and will surpass any and all our clients expectations. We are proud to offer the best services of any glass shop in Surrey and we work hard to maintain an excellent reputation of craftsmanship.

In addition, we are now offering more by way of glass railing options to supply the ever-growing popularity and demand. They make for an excellent alternative to their standard wood or metal counterparts. More often than not, a traditional deck railing leaves you feeling somewhat closed in, whereas a tempered glass railing gives you an entirely different perspective on the surrounding scenery all the while offering the highest degree of security.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any and all of your questions concerning custom tempered glass or toughened glass applications.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the glass industry, we proudly create and build high-end glass tempered products that are unparalleled in Surrey. An experienced team, confident and reliable you can count on for all of your residential and commercial glass tempering solutions.

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