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COVID-19 Emergency glazing - Glass repair and service

Please call to verify if your repair is considered an emergency service


Dear customer, please note that at present and until further notice, we are only authorized to repair the following:


Structural elements of a building where glass is part of the building structure 
Broken storefronts and entrances

We will continue to respond remotely to all inquiries regarding:

Technical assistance related to non-urgent repairs (we can tell you what parts to order in our online store if you want to make repairs yourself)

Technical fabrication drawings for upcoming projects related to:

  • Residential:
  • Commercial:
  • Shower cubicles
  • Glass wine cellars
  • Glass swimming pool fences
  • Glass cutting with water jet
  • Glass table top
  • Glass backsplashes
  • Glass stairs and railings
  • Tempered glass shelves and doors
  • Mirrors (manufacture and installation)
  • Hollywood mirrors (backlit)
  • Tempered glass doors and shelves
  • Repair of doors, windows and screens
  • Glass (manufacturing and installation)
  • Architectural and tinted glass
  • Sandblast glass
  • Tinted glass and colored glass
  • Beveled glass and mirrors
  • Insulating glass
  • Backlit glass
  • Heat-tempered glass
  • Stained glass
  • Glass sneeze guard
  • Office division
  • Glass railings, stairs and railings
  • Door handles
  • Replacement of thermos windows
  • Commercial glass door repair
  • Door systems
  • Conference tables
  • Insulating glass

In-store services are temporarily closed

On-site services for simple repairs requiring a CNC machine, glass polishing machine, glass chamfering machine, water jet machine, tempering furnace or glass laminator will resume immediately after lifting on current self-isolation.