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Glass Railings Systems and Glass Banisters

All our indoor and outdoor glass railings systems and banisters will meet and surpass your needs and expectations, as well as comply with the strictest quality norms in the industry.

The experience we have with the design, manufacturing and installation of various glass products will inspire and help you in your selection.

Glass for added style

Glass Railing Montreal, Glass Experts

Whatever type of glass railing system you have, be it residential, commercial, indoor or outdoor, all our glass railing systems and banisters add a clean-lined modern look to the space, a sense of spaciousness and a clear view of the surroundings.Not only does glass allow for natural sunlight to stream, it also enhances the visual experience, providing a panoramic view of the interior decor or surrounding landscape.Glass is a stable and long-lasting material that does not get distorted or discolored over time and that requires little or no maintenance.Moreover, indoor and outdoor glass railing systems and banisters are solid, resistant and safe. Whether they are installed bare or with accessories, minimal framing structure or decorated with a handrail, functionally purposed or purely decorative, railing are safe.

Safety first with glass railings and glass banisters

Glass railings on residential staircase, Glass Experts

At FavorLab Glass, our master glassmakers know all about the industry’s norms when it comes to installing indoor and outdoor glass railing systems and banisters.

Rest assured that they will guide you every step of the way in order for you to make an informed decision regarding the installation of the glass railing structure that better suits your needs.

When manufacturing and installing staircase banisters, swimming pool fences, or glass railing systems for balconies and raised decks, we must take into consideration the type of glass, its thickness, its solidity and choice of fixation.

At FavorLab Glass, we work with a team of architects and designers who will insure that all our glass railing systems and banisters are safely installed and secured for you to fully enjoy them.

Common thickness:

  • 10 mm (balconies & balustrade systems)
  • 12 mm (glass railings & banisters)
  • 15 mm (common in residential usage)
  • 19 mm (common thickness in public areas)
  • 25 mm laminated tempered glass (common thickness in public areas)

Glass types that may be used:

  • Float glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Laminated glass

Guardrail height requirements:

  • 36 inches (stairways)
  • 42 inches (landing & walkways)

Common application for glass balustrade / railings:

  • Staircases (both internal & external)
  • External balcony
  • Rooftop space
  • Terraced areas
  • Bars
  • Malls
  • and more…

Glass railing & balustrade pricing:

Railing and balustrade pricing start at $20 per sq. ft. (not installed).

Please note: The price of a railing and balustrade change depending on the thickness of the glass chosen, the finishing options desired and te complexity of the installation.

Indoor and outdoor glass railing systems

Outdoor glass railing in residential home, Glass Experts

Solidity and security of all our indoor and outdoor glass railing systems are at the forefront of our agenda. With FavorLab Glass, be insured the highest quality of materials for your glass railing systems’ optimal life span.

Our indoor and outdoor glass railing systems are made of tempered glass, a glass that undergoes a strengthening process that enables it to withstand the harshness of our Surrey

Banisters and glass panel banisters

Glam up any residential or commercial building with the elegant and sophisticated style of banisters – installations that our artisans take great pride and time in working with care.

For a modern look or your own custom design, think about adding some glass. But for a more casual installation, opt for our glass pannel banisters, such a neat solution!

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Our highly knowledgeable and devoted team of FavorLab Glass will show you around and guide you through our variety of quality fixations and other installation structures.

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