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Thinking of installing a shower door on your own for the first time?

Follow our step by step guide on how to install a glass shower

As a homeowner, you have probably figured out that maintenance on your home can get really expensive. One of the easiest ways to save money is to learn how to do things yourself. Of course, there will be some projects that are better off in the hands of a professional. Conversely, there will also be easier tasks that an able-bodied person like yourself should be able to handle if you can get some easy-to-follow instructions on how to proceed.

One such task would be the replacement or installation of a shower door. After looking at the instructions on how to install a shower door or the install of a frameless shower door, you might want to get brave and DIY. If that would be the case, here are the aforementioned easy-to-follow instructions, step by step.

10 Steps on how to install a shower door:

Step 1: Get Your Measurements

Before you select the hardware, you’ll need to get accurate measurements of the shower door opening. If you are accurate with your measurements (three key measurements: the threshold, up to 5 feet, and halfway in between), it will reduce the amount of work you have to do to size your hardware. Be sure to measure the distance between the shower and the other bathroom fixtures to ensure you have plenty of clearance.

Before attacking the project, you would benefit from laying out a sketch and creating your plan of attack.

Step 2: Set Your Base Track

With a hacksaw, you can cut your base track to fit the entire length of the floor of the threshold. You will want to make sure it fits snuggly from one wall to the other. Be sure to file down the ends of your cuts and clean up the residual debris.

Step 3: Mark the Position of the Base Track

You must center the base track for the shower door to fit properly. Before the installation of the base trach, measure for the centering position and mark it with a pencil. It would be best to place the markings near both ends of the track.

Step 4: Mark Position of the Hinge-Side Jamb

With your base track markings in place, you can now mark the position of the hinge side of the shower door. This is the side from which to door will open and close. Two things to watch for when making these marks. First, you will want to make sure the hinge fits into the base track. Second, make sure you are holding the hinge piece flush against the wall when you mark your drill holes.

Step 5: Drill Holes for the Wall Anchor Pieces

At your markings, you can now drill the holes in which you will put the wall anchors. You will likely need a 3/16-inch-diameter masonry drill bit. After making the holes, you can tap the plastic anchors into the wall. Be sure to use a rubber mallet to avoid breaking the plastic anchors.

Step 6: Hang the Door

You can now hang the shower door. Be sure the hinges will allow the door to swing out and clear fixtures. While holding the door in place, make sure to is flush against the hinge rail. If needed, you can allow for 1/2 inch between these two pieces. With a 7/32-inch bit, drill your pilot holes and fasten the door to the hinge rail.

Step 7: Install Other Door Jamb

Now, you can measure and drill holes for the door jamb on the other side, the side with the magnetic strip. Make sure your drill hole measurements will leave everything level. You can now drill holes, insert plastic anchors, and faster to the wall.

Step 8: Place Your Header Piece

Your header should be measured and cut to exactly match the base track piece. Slip the header piece squarely over the rails on both sides, drill your holes, and fasten the header.

Step 9: Attach the Frame

With the door in place, you can now drill holes and attach the frame. That should include the internal and external door handles that come with the kit. Make sure you drill your holes in the center of the rails to avoid hitting shower door glass.

Step 10: Attach Drip Rail

At this point, you are almost done. All that is remaining to do is to cut the drip rail to fit the door, drill the holes, and fasten the drip rail. The rail should be tilted so that water will drain away from the strike.

Please note: All articles are provided for information purposes only. Always contact a professional glass shower installation company should ever you wish to assure your full safety. FavorLab Glass takes pride in assisting contractors with any and all of their glass cutting needs. We encourage any contractor interested to come by our shop to see all tools, supplies used for these projects and of course for free advice!

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