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What hardware is needed when installing a glass fence?

hardware required when installing glass fence

Homeowners are a lot more transient than they used to be. Long gone are the days when homeowners would buy a home, intending to live there for the rest of their lives. Today’s typical homeowner tends to see home buying as an investment. The only way to benefit from an investment is to buy, sell it for a profit, and move up to the next level. That’s a trend that has certainly become apparent in today’s real estate market.

Another trend we see is the tendency of homebuyers to put more focus on the outside of the house. That includes looking for private pools, patios, and barbeque areas. Also, features like glass fences or railing seem to be getting a lot of interest in recent years.

From a practical standpoint, frameless glass fences do tend to scream class and sophistication. There is something very appealing about having the barrier but being able to see everything through it. For people whose homes have a spectacular view, glass fences have become a must.

One of the things that deter a lot of homeowners from going in this direction is the notion glass fences are expensive and difficult to install. The reality is actually quite different.

In the sections below, the discussion will focus on what hardware is needed when installing a glass fence. Assuming you are ready to undertake this DIY project on your own, these are the hardware items that should be on your checklist before you get started.

Glass Hardware:

Of course, everything begins and ends with the glass hardware panels. Before you can select your glass panels, you will want to measure for coverage. You will also need to decide if you want to go with a glass fence kit or target a custom fence.

Regardless of what choices you make, both Canada and the U.S. maintain very strict guidelines related to the size of your fence and the glass. At a minimum, your fence will need to stand at least 36″ up to a maximum of 48″. Based on industry standards, your glass panels should be made of ½” thick (12mm) clear tempered safety glass and measure 8’’ to 65’’ (200mm to 1650mm) in width. The number of panels you will need depends on the coverage you want.

Assembling Hardware:

The remaining hardware you will need is what is required for the assembly or installation process. The list includes the following items: Rail Connecting Block Kit, Top Railing system Mounting Bracket, Continuous Rail Corner Bracket, Lag Screw Head Cover, Through-Bolt Post Attachment Hardware, Lag Bolt Post Attachment Hardware, Glass Railing Clamp Installation Kits, Glass Railing Hardware – Saddle Bracket Screws, Glass Railing Hardware – Fascia Bracket Screws, Glass Railing Hardware – Mounting Bracket Screws, Glass Railing Hardware – Base Plate Screws, Glass Railing Hardware – Rail Connecting Block Screws, Glass Railing Hardware – Glass Clamps Attachment Screws, Glass Railing Shims, and a Child Proof Safety Lock for Each Door Panel.

Note: Should you want to avoid gaudy-looking hardware, a lot of the aforementioned hardware is available in clear plastic. Also, you will have the option of selecting from a variety of colors if you have a desire to coordinate the look of your glass fence with the rest of the yard or environment.

Tools Required for Installation:

Aside from what hardware is needed when installing a glass fence, you will also need to gather before installing your glass fence is the proper tools. After reading the installation instruction, you should have a clear idea of what you will need. At a minimum, you will need an electric hand drill, a spirit level, Allen wrenches, chalk line, masking tape, a carpenter’s pencil, and a Sharpie.

With everything in hand, you should be good to go. As a final tup, be sure to take your time and follow all of the installation instructions as written. The end result should be an elegant glass fence that brings your yard or pool to life.

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