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Creative ways to use glass shelves throughout your home

Until you see it, you might not realize just how much class and elegance glass shelving can give any room in the house. There is something about being able to look beyond the glass that tantalizes the senses.

In particular, you might want to consider the use of glass shelves around your house. If you fancy yourself as a creative decorator, you would be amazed at the wonderful and imaginative things you can do with glass shelf panels. As a case in point, here are 10 ideas that could be worthy of your consideration:

1. Colored Glass Design Panels

You should always keep in the back of your mind that glass is manufactured in a variety of colors, both pale and bright colors. Much like a piece of artwork, you could purchase colored glass in various shapes and sizes and create wall decorations that scream of class. As an extra benefit, the light reflections throughout the room might create some very interesting illusions and bring color to an already plain room.

2. Glass Shelves in the Kitchen

If you wanted to get creative with your kitchen shelving, you might want to consider an open decor concept. That could mean the elimination of cabinets in favor of glass shelving that you could use to stack nice dishes and glassware. Given the amount of flexibility this approach would afford you, you could create a myriad of wall designs that would leave your kitchen looking like no other kitchen on the planet.

3. Standard Standing Glass Shelving

If you are into a more conservative decor, you could still use glass as the basis for standard standing glass shelving in any of your rooms. It’s a fine way to display colorful decorative items and give even the simplest looking decor just a little bit of pizazz.

4. Floating Glass Shelving

If you wanted to create the optimum optical illusion, you can mount glass panels to platinum or metal structures in a way that makes the shelves look like they are floating or suspended in the air. This would be the perfect option if you are trying to match shelves with very modern decor.

5. Glass Window Shelving

No one in their right mind would use wood shelves when attaching shelving to or around a window area. It would block the light and any potential view that would be on the other side of the window. With glass shelving, the obstacle problem is eliminated. That makes it feasible for you to build glass shelving in and around your windows for a very classy look.

6. Glass Panels Across a Mirror

To open up your bathroom a little bit, you would want to bring more light into the room. A great way to do that is to mount glass shelving across your bathroom mirror. We are referring to the concept of placing strategic glass shelving across the body of the mirror, not at the base. As a display feature, the combination of clear glass and mirror gives any room elegance.

7. Hanging Glass Shelves

If you wanted a creative way to hang glass panels from ceiling to floor, you could go with a hanging shelf concept. This is a concept that could really catch the attention of visitors. If you were wanting to display a collection of crystal items or elegant ceramics, you could use hanging shelves with glass panels to create a museum-style display in your home.

8. Bent and Beveled Glass Shelving

Not every piece of glass is linear. Glass workers have the ability to create glass panels in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You would be amazed at how classy bent or beveled glass shelving could look across walls that otherwise lack any decorative design or flash.

9. Collection Organizing

In one of the options above, we mentioned the display of collections. It is possible to use a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes of glass panels to create a fancy display area along a wall to proudly display items you have been collecting over the years. If you want to go all-in, you could devote an entire wall to such a display.

10. Wall Partitions

For a moment, think of a glass panel as a window instead of a shelf. You can use glass panels or shelves to create windows or partitions between rooms. If you want to add color to any room, color glass partitions would be a great solution.

Please note: All articles are provided for information purposes only. Always contact a professional glass shelf company should ever you wish to assure your full safety. FavorLab Glass takes pride in assisting contractors with any and all of their glass cutting needs. We encourage any contractor interested to come by our shop to see all tools, supplies used for these projects and of course for free advice!

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