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Why Matte Black is Trending in bathroom fixtures

matte black bathroom accessories are trending in 2021

As humans, we tend to have a herd mentality. We like to go with the flow and often find ourselves adopting certain trends so we can feel like we are part of the “in” crowd. Yes, adopting fashion trends has a lot to do with wearing clothing that seems to be trending among the groups we wish to feel part of at any given time. Would it surprise you to find out that a lot of people design and decorate their homes, using the same kind of mentality?

The reality is we do tend to follow home decorating trends. Yes, it has a lot to do with “staying up with the Joneses.” however, there is a practical reason for you to adopt decorating trends for your home. Doing so will generally add resale value to your home for as long as a particular trend is moving forward.

We are having this discussion because kitchen and bath designs with matte black hardware are truly trending right now. While matte black has been popular in the past only to give way to brass and other metals, there are reasons to believe black matte might stay popular for a lot longer than usual. In fact, we have identified six reasons why matte black hardware and fixtures are trending and might be sticking around for a while.

1. Matte Black Fixtures are Timeless

As we mentioned earlier, matte black hardware and fixtures have been popular in the past. It seems like they come back into fashion about every 10 years and have been doing so for decades. What that seems to indicate is black bathroom hardware and kitchen fixtures seem to have broad appeal throughout generations. It might be a case where the appeal of matte black fixtures is constant, and it only gets set aside when the decorating community decides to try something a little different.

2. Black is the World’s Favorite Neutral Color

When decorating a home for the purpose of maintaining or improving resale value, it’s incumbent of you as the homeowner to avoid using odd decorating ideas. What you have in mind might appeal to a certain group of homebuyers, but it’s just as likely a bigger group won’t appreciate your tastes.

It’s for this reason that professional interior decorators will stress the importance of using neutral colors whenever possible. While black qualifies as a neutral color, it also carries a certain level of class and character. Neutrality, class, and character are like a home run in the decorating world.

3. Matte Black is Adaptable

When choosing your hardware fixtures for the bathroom and kitchen, you need to focus on the rest of the decor. If you think about it, your hardware fixtures represent about 10% of the room’s decor. The rest is allocated between countertops, tubs, sinks, cabinets, and flooring. What’s so good about black is it’s a highly adaptable color. It blends in with darker colors and accentuates lighter colors. That kind of adaptability holds a lot of value for prospective homebuyers.

matte black bathrooms are in

4. Matte Black Adds Character to Any Room

If you walk into any room regardless of the decorating scheme, your eyes will almost always be drawn to anything in the room that has black in it. Think about the character a black bedspread gives to a bedroom or a black couch gives to a living room.

If you want to add character to your bathroom or kitchen, black in the direction you will want to go. In particular, black bathroom hardware adds some unique character to the room because it’s not something people see every day.

5. Durability

Do you find yourself getting annoyed when you see scratches or water spots on your bathroom and kitchen hardware? You most likely do.

Here’s one of the advantages you might get with matte black hardware. Many of the top manufacturers will use meticulous nano-coating to protect the hardware. For you, that translates to something that won’t scratch and something that doesn’t require polishing, only occasional wiping.

6. Increases Resale Value

Homeowners are learning that it’s the little things that add value to their homes. If you have bathroom and kitchen hardware fixtures that have character, adapt well to almost any color scheme, and require little maintenance, those are things that will carry value in the minds of homebuyers. At the end of the day, you should always balance your decorating between what appeals to you and what might appeal to the person who wants to buy your home.

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